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War is a very demanding aspect of the human nature, and war has the tendase to forget the heroes that gave it all or nothing for that single win. Nevertheless in 2090 the war over Earth was no different. During the conflict a massive force started to move toward Earth and landed on Mars. Earth moved it's own force to combat the Cabel Empire at Mars. Mars is the ground of many dead, and this is where two forces meet with the same type of main weapon. The weapon of choice is the MAU, Mobile Armor, Unit. Pilots for these suits are rare, because the suits themselves require a unknown force to push the suits forward. For a pilot by the name of Alexander Quick, this was no different. The pilot fought time and time again during this war, and the final conflict, an all or nothing drive right to the main complex of the Cabel Empire hold on mars. The winner will claim the planet, and the loser will leave. this was the final battle, if Earth wins, Cabel will pull from the galaxy and leave, if Earth loses, then there is no more MAU, no more pilots, no more army. The war happened, and it raged for hours. Alex kept fighting, he charged up and into a base, his gun never seeming to stop, his left arm gone, Alex own body had blood running down his face, his left eye red and the right blue. He was using so much of his own power that the suit seemed to never slow down. The base was destroyed and humanity won, course the war is over. Alex is the hero, but what happens to heroes once the war is over? A statue is put up and a day is named after him. Alex the hero, he saved the Earth. Where is this hero? He seemed to have nothing left to fight for, the Mobile suit that he used is now the head suit. It is the hope and dreams of the Earth race and the Earth Empire. That suit is now leading teams on other planets now. So what happened to Alex? Well he is sitting next to a grave, a hood over his head, his face seemed to show battle scars, his left arm gone, and body seems broken and battered. He looks up at the sky as he holds the grave "I did, I got that peace you said you always wanted." He looks at another smaller grave and reaches into his trench coat and pulls out a small stuffed bear "here kid, you always drop this bloody thing." He sits the bear on the grave as he pushes himself up and down his bottle of alchol. As he shakes his head and starts to walk. The Hero that saved the world has nothing left to fight for, the hero is now forgotten, another life form, that no one knows exist now.


United States

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