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On the battle field of Neverwinter, a red tifling charging with the Tanking division behind him. This division the hard core warriors of the entire unit. You do not mess with these sons f bitches, because these sons of bitches stared death in the face you cry about a cut, they cry when their arm is ripped from its socket. Course now they are running out of the hole in the wall shield up smashing into the un dead army, sword coming down smashing and killing. Their job was to form a wall so the rest of the army could gear up and get ready to push in. Course the red tifling slamming his shield into a dead horde and stabbing it neck. Pulling his sword out and brings his sword down as a anvil appears and slams into the undead destroying its body. His small army holding the lines as the hole in the wall was a weakness, they were the new wall and they must not fall. He growls some as he looks at the un stopping numbers...and a fucking dragon...why a dragon? None the less he screams behind him "HOLD THE GOD DAM LINE YOUR BACK UP IS TE MAN NEXT TO YOU." He knew why they were here. His squad took this mission as a suicide mission, they was going to hold the line and give them time to eqav all the houses and all his job was is to slow down the horde. Until the queen retreats or they would lose the first of many major cites to this new enemy. As he sighs some and felt his armor growing tighter, hearing of a man he had under him scream out until he was silent. Growling in more anger as he kept slashing down cutting into the horde watching as his men began to drop slowly of course until they were pushed back. Now forming a shield line and shoves the shield forward pushing back the undead and stab then back to a shield line. It was a hopeless battle as more men dropped and he growls some "hold the lines!" Course he knew this was it. As his men knew it was it, they all knew it was it. Him and three of his shields standing at the hole in the wall forming one last shield wall feeling the undead on th e other side pushing. The Tanker pushing back as he growls some and watches one of his men was being hit until the shield line broke and the three that tried to buy time were engulfed into the horde. Though they fell, they saved the lives of the town and that is what mattered in the end right?

 Course as a red tifling held a helmet that had cuts and slashes on it. He put the helmet to his own forehead as he smirks some "miss you dad, I have done it. I reached max level, I am in the Tanking division just like you. I know you are proud of me. You saved me and mom, now mom is up there with you. I couldn't save her I was off else were when the village was attacked. Now this is different, they are dropping, and this long war that took the lives of both of you will come to a end soon. They are marching, just like you saved the lives of the entire town. My division is going up to hold the front gate when it falls. Wish me luck my father." He smiles and puts the helmet on the fire panel. As he breaths heavy then turns around walking out of the house putting his helmet on as he pulls his sword that had fire coming from it. Breathing heavy as it was him with twenty of Tankers walking to the front gate. This job was suicide the gate falls they are the new gate. This job...dam this job was one of the worse ones on the battle field. None the less, some sorry son of a bitch had to do it. The ones who did do it went through hard training. The training of Tankers took months of none stop pounding, building muscle hitting each other with sticks to get ust to the pain. Armor hitting armor playing football without padding. Yes in Tanking school some died most lived. The running joke is that you go into Tanking school a boy, come out a cold son of a bitch. Course now he was walking and leading the men to the front gate. Watching as the gate was being hit rather hard. Each hit wood fell down and the male breaths heavy as he looks back at the men in his unit and nods his head "Want back up boys? Well the backup is the man to your right, and the man to your left. They are your friends, now then watch their back. You will live since they will watch yours. SHIELD WALL!" With that the twenty of them form a shield wall as the gate fell down and the horde begins to come in. The red tifling smirking as he looks at the horde "this is for you dad." The fighting began, course the outcome well that was much of the same. They saved many of lives in that battle, and Neverwinter was able to win the battle and protect its capital.....though most Tanks died in the battle.....Sons of bitches they were.


United States

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